Listen to 'Round Corna' by Vybz Kartel, produced by TJ Records.

star has recently released a new vicious song titled “Round Corna,” dedicated for long-time rival, .

On the TJ Records-produced single, Vybz Kartel also takes shots at fellow Dancehall artiste Alkaline, and Teddy Bruck Shut from the classic movie Shottas, who was featured in Mavado’s latest diss track “Brawla,” aimed at the “Worl Boss” deejay.

“Dem shot ya guh round corna

Run up enna yuh yard

Tun yuh head inna disaster

You dead inna di yard back

Fat shot bun him up

Like mi leff mi cellie pon the charger

Kill him wid di likkle blind bwoi

One ina di likle blin bwoi eyeball

Blood ina yu yiy now Big Yard, White Hall

Nyam bwoi food white squall fly gone”

At the end of the song, Vybz Kartel left a message to his young fans.

“This is Vybz Kartel and I have a message for the school youths them,” the incarcerated deejay said.

“This badness thing is not worth it, so stay into school and get your education youths, just take my foolish advice.

Them thing here is just dead house and jailhouse and crosses on you and your family. So just hold your composure and stay in school and make your parents proud remember that. No matter how much your poor and feel like nothing not going on, your life is special remember I told you that,” he added.

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