Jamaica is an island getaway often visited by snowbirds escaping winter. Here are our top 8 reasons you should visit Jamaica!


is an island getaway often visited by snowbirds escaping winter.

Getting its name from the word “xaymaca,” meaning land of wood and water, Jamaica is known worldwide as a tropical vacation destination featuring cascading waterfalls, mineral baths and white sandy beaches.

Because it is the largest island where English is spoken in the Sea, it’s easier to communicate with the natives. That alone is a good reason to visit.

Seemingly the center of Caribbean clichés such as songs played to the rhythm of opening beer bottles, vast Jamaica offers up resorts from posh to lurid and a distinct urban .

A lot of people have claimed that Jamaica would be the best Caribbean island to visit, hands down.

Jamaica vacations are jam-packed with beautiful attractions and the warmest people.

As soon as you land from the airport, you will immediately be greeted by local Jamaican people excited to offer you the best Caribbean vacation.

Jamaica vacations are not only popular because of the place; Jamaicans are very laid-back and really know how to have a good time.

I am sure you’ve heard the saying “No Problem, Mon” – well it is true, anything you ask for they will respond with “No problem”.

In Jamaica you will have some of the freshest seafood and meat, and that is because it is coming directly from the sea or directly from local farmers.

You will see fishermen walking along the road with fish that they just caught, you will see a farmer bringing in fresh eggs from the farm in the mornings.

You will see the market overflowing the fruits and vegetables from local farms. The spicy curry and jerk seasoning is something that I guarantee you will want to take home and make for your family well after your Jamaican vacation.

Pristine and exotic white beaches are probably one of the most important recipes to the best Caribbean , and a vacation to Jamaica is the place to be. The water is crystal blue and the sand is clean and white.

One of the most beautiful beach areas you can imagine.

Regardless of what part of Jamaica you’re visiting, there’s something to do and see everywhere you go.

Besides scuba diving, deep-sea fishing and hiking, golf is available, mostly in the area.

One of the best courses in the Caribbean is the White Witch Golf Course, an 18-hole course built on what was once a sugarcane plantation.

Bicycling is a favorite sport in Jamaica. Tourists can bike independently or join others on the Blue Mountain Bicycle Tour, which lasts for a full day.

Rich cultural traditions are offered, especially during Jamaica’s annual events such as the Accompong Maroon Festival held in January.

This is why most travellers and jet-setters would list Jamaica as one of the best Caribbean travel destinations. [share_on_facebook]

If you’re still not convinced, here are our top 8 reasons why Jamaica has been dubbed as the best Caribbean island to visit:

  1. Geography and Tropical Climate
  2. Spicy
  3. Music and Events
  4. Beautiful Beaches
  5. Welcoming People
  6. Urban and Natural Adventures
  7. High Grade Marijuana
  8. Culture

When you take your vacation in Jamaica, it is highly recommended to hire a local tour guide that can take you around the island to show you the culture of local Jamaicans.

Learn how they shop for their meat, or buy their fresh fish. Drink a coconut by the side of the road. Learn more about the Rastafarians or old traditional healing.

Make sure to soak in the beaches and the culture as well as the great food.

Glance through our photo gallery to see more of what Jamaica has to offer!

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