There might be an evolutionary change among Jamaican men, with some going as far as paying to get a taste...

Once upon a time, ask any woman from any part of the world to describe their encounter with a man and you would get many different responses; many revolving around how sexy they are, how good they are in bed, how many children they have, how much lies they tell, how homophobic they are and much more.

However, no matter the many different variations of these statements, they would all end with, no matter the language, a statement reflecting that the Jamaican men “don’t bow.”

Bow, in this context, means to perform oral sex.

Many songs coming out of , especially music, from ’s “Your Business” to Sizzla Kalonji’s “No Way,” feature a myriad of lyrics and terms used to denounce oral sex acts by males, and it became a representative of Jamaican men.

However, now, in this day and age, ask the same question, and you may get a shockingly different answer.

Are Jamaican men evolving? Or, have they been lying?

There has risen to public knowledge, many stories of the possible evolution of Jamaican man, with some even paying to get a taste.

Figures of up to $400,000 have been allegedly paid to women by Jamaican men, for them to eat her “fruit”.

Women have told stories where they would just be walking on the road, somewhere very central and very public like Half Way Tree in Kingston, and have men walk up to them asking to eat them for lunch.

If these allegations are true, this might represent a new age of Jamaican men. Probably these men are just exceptional.

However, it may be hard to call them exceptions when the stories are frequently told about an increasing number of men.

There might be an evolutionary change among Jamaican men and apparently its no longer a taboo subject.

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