Jamaican roots play actor Cleve Warren, aka Chu Chu, is dead. The actor died of complications from cocaine that was found in his stomach.

Passa Passa Actor Cleve Chu Chu Dies At 46

Passa Passa Actor Cleve ‘Chu Chu’ Warren Dead At 46

Jamaican veteran roots play actor Cleve Warren, more popularly known as Chu Chu, is dead.

The 46-year-old actor died late evening of Nov. 20th while undergoing treatment for an undetermined illness at the St Ann’s Bay Hospital.

Warren’s colleague and co-worker of 19 years Mytania Samuels of the comedic duo Kafinal and Sambo said Warren complained of feeling dizzy.

“He was supposed to go overseas for a show; he called me saying he wanted to see me, but I was in Ocho Rios. He was apparently already in the area and stopped by to see me … he started telling me he was dizzy and asked me ‘wah good fi dizziness.”

He was taken to the hospital where he died while undergoing treatment.


Samuels told media reporters that at the time, Warren was eating and assumed that the dizziness was caused by the food and suggested the actor take Andrews for the ailment and left him briefly to purchase the antacid.

It was on his return, however, that things took a turn for the worse.

“I went to buy the Andrews and when I came back, I saw him on the ground,” he said.

Samuels said he used Warren’s motor vehicle to rush him to the hospital.

He said despite the severity of the situation, Warren was still in high spirits.

“While I was driving him to the hospital and because I was speeding he said, ‘Laawd me know me a go, but the speed weh you a drive anuh driving that!'”

When they arrived at the hospital, Warren was admitted and shortly after, a doctor returned with the sad news of the actor’s passing.

Autopsy reveals presence of cocaine pellets in Chu Chu’s body

The shroud of mystery surrounding the death of veteran roots play actor Cleve ‘Chu Chu’ Warren has been removed, after Hype Life Magazine was reliably informed that the actor died of complications from cocaine that was found in his stomach.

Information reaching the public states, however, that 57 packets of cocaine were found and removed from the actor’s stomach, during an autopsy that was performed on his body yesterday morning.

According to reports, one of the packets had burst inside the actor.

A relative told reporters that the actor died hours before he was scheduled to leave the island for New York and later to the United Kingdom where his mother resides.

The St Ann’s Bay police were contacted and they confirmed that the illegal drug was indeed found in the late actor’s stomach.

Earlier this year, Warren started his own production company called Laf Land Production, which released on DVD the play, Lan Saga.

Warren boasted over 20 years on-stage and was well known for playing the role of a feisty yet likeable woman called ‘Chu Chu’ in the roots play Passa Passa among a host of other popular Jamaican production.

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