Following reports of the distribution of 'plastic rice,' authorities in Jamaica have temporarily ceased the clearance of rice at all ports of entry.

In light of recent discoveries, a ban has been imposed at all ports on rice.

There has been confirmed reports that imported plastic rice has been circulating in the Jamaican market and has reached the pots of some citizens.

A video recently made the news of the plastic rice melting while being prepared.

Based on these discoveries, the Jamaica Customs Agency has announced the ban with immediate effect on December 12.

Additionally, the agency has convened a meeting with the relevant regulatory bodies, which include the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Fisheries, The Bureau of Standards and theJamaica Constabulary Force.

The public is being advised to a contact the Jamaica Customs Agency or the Bureau of Standards if the have purchased any of the dubious products or if they are aware of any enterprise that may be selling the products.

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