Jamaican leaders serve notice on litterbugs and promise stricter law on littering in Jamaica.

In an approach to establish a cleaner and healthier , The Minister of Local Government and Community Development Desmond McKenzie has issued a warning to “litter bugs.

The Jamaican politician revealed that new regulations are coming with increased fines for littering.

“I am putting the country on notice that we are coming for the litterbugs. We want a cleaner, a safer and a healthier Jamaica,” the minister told last Friday’s launch of the annual Workers Week/Labour Day programme.

“A clean environment contribute to a clean and healthy society, and the growth agenda of this Government necessitate that we have a clean environment,” he added.

The programme celebrates the contribution of workers to the nation-building and recognises their role in its economic and social development.

“For too long we continue to see people disposing of their waste in a manner not conducive with our public health regulations and laws. I would just like to use this opportunity to advise the nation that I am now in receipt of new proposals to look at increasing the fines for littering across the country,” he said.

“We have to send a strong message to Jamaicans that we ought to get serious about littering,” McKenzie said.

He noted that the anti-litter legislation is not aimed at raising revenue, but is to make citizens aware that it is costing the National Solid Waste Management Authority in excess of $1.5 billion yearly to provide garbage collection and disposal services for Jamaicans.

“Right now the agency is under severe pressure because of lack of equipment. But the job of the agency could be far less stressful if Jamaicans would buy into and do what is necessary,” he added.

He said the Ministry of Local Government’s commitment to the Workers Week/Labour Day programme started with Prime Minister Andrew Holness’s mandate to undertake an intense clean-up of Jamaica, which was started in St James two weeks ago and will continue across the country.

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