No significant findings of fake rice on Jamaica market, according to authorities.

After an official investigation was prompted by a video broadcasted on the news on Sunday of a woman allegedly cooking “plastic rice” in Jamaica.

Karl Samuda, Minister of Industry, Commerce and Agriculture, says that testing of samples of rice by the Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ) has produced no significant findings.

Minister Samuda also went on to state to journalists that:

“There was absolutely no evidence of contamination in samples tested by BSJ.”

Commerce Minister Karl Samuda says suspicious samples will be confiscated for testing.

“Not only will we seize the goods in that supermarket, but I’m going to take advice from my legal team as to what other actions we can take, including closing that establishment, because nothing…will endanger the safety of the Jamaican people,” he asserted.

As a result of these findings, the minister explained that Jamaicans will not see a shortage of rice in the market as two main suppliers of the commodity, Guyana and Suriname, have been cleared for import.

Officials from regulatory bodies such as the BSJ, the Consumers Affair Commission (CAC), the Jamaica Customs Agency and from the Ministry of Health held a press conference yesterday (Dec 13) saying they haven’t yet located the source of the rice or if it has actually been circulating throughout wholesales or hit the shelves.

The officials also stated that samples were taken from the parish of Manchester, the alleged location where the fake rice was purchased.

The Bureau of Standards will be inspecting rice samples from supermarkets and warehouses across the island in coming weeks to ensure that imported rice is not contaminated with plastic.

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