Jamaican Woman Commits Suicide Over ‘Money Worries’ Just Days Before Wedding

Just days before getting married, a Jamaican woman commits suicide over money problems.

A Jamaican woman commits suicide reportedly over money problems.

Ingrid Gray of Newport, Manchester was set to be married in a few days, however wedding plans have now come to an abrupt halt as it is alleged that she committed suicide because of the lack of cash she was facing.

The woman ingested Gramaxone, a poisonous weed killer, after dropping her children to school on Monday and texting her older daughter, telling her to take care of herself and her younger sister.

Ingrid then texted her fiance, who asked a neighbor to check on her. The neighbor found Ingrid unconscious next to the bottle of the poisonous substance.

She was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

It was said that she had receiving treatment for stress, due to financial problems.

Social media came alive as word of the news spread.

Ingrid was described as a jovial and loved person.

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