Jamaican Girls Ḏėėṗ Ťhroȧt, Vomit, Abused For $1000 by White Foreign Men In New Ŝẹẋ Ṱȧṗėṡ

In a set of shocking videos, four women from Montego Bay and Negril could be seen voluntarily participating in demeaning sexual activities for cash.

Jamaican Girls Abused in Tapes

Word in the streets that RUI, popular Montego Bay-based hotel, is denying reports that some of its workers are involved in a series of sexually-explicit video recordings with alleged guests that are currently viral online.

In the videos, four women who appear to be in their 20s and are allegedly from Montego Bay and Negril could be seen voluntarily participating in demeaning sẹẋual activities for cash.

Residents said the Ṱapes are the talk of the town in Negril. Some who claim that at least two of the girls are from the area are peeved at the treatment handed out to the women.

One claimed that the girls were tricked as they were not told that they would be treated like ‘sluts’ by the men.

Hype Life Magazine has learned that the women participated in the activities for US$1,000 (JM$126,000).

The videos, which range from three to four minutes, were filmed in a room with a mural backdrop and black leather couch.

The girls who are all dark in complexion could be seen throughout the videos performing oṙȧŀ sẹẋ among other Ŝẹẋually explicit activities on a group of Caucasian men with American accent, whose faces were hidden.

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But what has shocked viewers is how submissive the women were while they took the physical and verbal abuse meted out to them.

One of the men could be heard making racist comments such as:

“It’s always the black ones, always the hood rats! You disgust me!” while raining several blows to the face of one of the women as he shoved his instrument violently down her throat causing her to vomit several times.

Despite the abuse and mess, the woman continued her activities unflinchingly.

In another video, a girl who went by the moniker ‘Chocolate’ broke down in tears during the demeaning act and the videographer mockingly asked, “what’s wrong? Talk to Jimmy!” to which she responds with hands covering her face, “nothing,” and continues by placing the man’s instrument in her mouth.

While one jeers, “you think your family would be proud of you cause you got a job? While another man mocked, “you gagging for the dollar!”

All the women were instructed while engaging in their activities to throw up in a dog bowl with the words ‘stupid whorė’ written on it.

This is said to be a normal practise by this particular group of men, who have a website dedicated to the humiliation of women by means of ill-treatment during oṙȧŀ sẹẋ.

The Montego Bay and Negril police are not aware of the tapes.

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