A Jamaican police sergeant was reportedly found sleeping a wanted criminal's home during a raid.

A Jamaican sergeant has been suspended after he was found sleeping at the home of one of Clarendon’s most wanted criminals, according to reports.

Also, a fire weapon of a female police officer, who is on leave overseas, was also left at the house which is under construction in Manchester.

The sergeant, who was assigned to Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA), and the gun were found after police raided the home.

He was found sleeping at the house, during the incident, which occurred approximately three weeks ago.

“The wanted man is a serious violence producer in Clarendon,” says police source.

The wanted man, who is currently in a deadly turf battle with another wanted man in Bucknor, Clarendon, is still at large, according to the source.

Findings by the US Bureau of Diplomatic Security reveals that in 2015, Jamaica saw an increase in murders but a reported decrease in other serious, violent crimes.

It is believed that the rise in murders can be attributed in part to violence perpetrated by gangs involved in lottery scamming. Most violent crimes, including 80 percent of all murders, involve firearms.

There were 1,205 murders (the highest figure in five years, a 19.7 percent increase over 2014, an average of 3.3 murder/day), 1,069 shootings, 589 aggravated assaults, 577 rapes, 1,904 robberies, and 1,777 break-ins recorded in 2015.

With a population of approximately 2.9 million people, Jamaica continues to have a high homicide rate (40.9/100,000), which places it among the top-five highest (per capita) national homicide rates in the world.

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