The FBI is offering a reward of US $100,000 for information leading to the arrest of a Jamaican for slaying four people in Los Angeles.

A Jamaican that is wanted for slaying four people in Los Angeles was added to the FBI’s most wanted list on Thursday (Dec 1) with a reward of US $100,000 for information leading to his arrest.

The man wanted is Marlon Jones and is currently being considered as “armed and extremely dangerous” by the FBI.

Los Angeles prosecutors filed four counts of murder against Jones after a shootout occurred at a party where Jones killed a rival Jamaican gang member. Three others where killed while ten were wounded after the shooting ended.

Los Angeles police are fearful that Jones may have left the state of California already and may well be on his way to leaving the country as he has connections in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Tennessee, Jamaica and the Virgin Islands.

The police states that putting him on the FBI most wanted list would give the publicity needed to allow the public to aid them in his capture.

Jones is believed to have entered the United States illegally and uses several names, aliases and birth dates.

He is also said to have a violent history and is also a member of an East Coast Jamaican gang, known for illegally selling marijuana.

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