Will Portia Simpson Miller resign anytime soon?
Members of PNP, and voters alike, desperately want her to step down.

The People’s National Party just can’t seem to catch a break.

Lastweek they were suffering from some in-fighting, that got so extreme that lawyers got involved (read story here), now party leader is being formally asked to step down.

Members of the public have been crying for her to step down and then her own party members began whispering it ever since their shocking loss of the general elections in February 25th.

Now the request is coming from her own youth.

That’s right, the PNPYO, the People’s National Party’s young affiliate has written to PSM stating:

“On the heels of two major political defeats in the February 25 General Election, and the November 28, Local Government Election, the PNP must now introspect, and must, in the coming months, present to the Jamaican people what I want to call ‘The New Deal for the PNP’.”

The president of the organization Andrae Blair said:

“He premier political movement in Jamaica, finds itself at a crossroads, where the noble institution has lost the faith, trust, and confidence of the majority of Jamaica’s people.”

After losing both elections, PNP is obviously trying to make major changes to regain the public’s faith.

Will Portia Simpson Miller reply and tell the PNPYO “gweh wid dat” like she had on nomination day in St. Ann?

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