A community in Jamaica is worried following an invasion of prostitutes... Shocking news inside!

Shocking reports have surfaced that the residents in the community of Old Harbour, St Catherine in Jamaica are perturbed that prostitutes operating in a section of their region may depreciate their properties and ruin their businesses.

The residents say that several scantily dressed women descend on West Street in the community at dusk, standing close to a skating rink where children frequent.

President of the Old Harbour Chamber of Commerce, Adrian Samuda, said that this kind of activity is bad for business.

“Sometimes customers feel intimidated… especially walking on West Street, females who are not prostitutes, people mix dem up fi prostitutes so they don’t like walk on that stretch. It’s a turn-off for customers,” Samuda said.

“It also devalues business on that road because having prostitutes in front of your business will easily turn away customers.”

One resident, Ramon Easy, told media reporters the act had left a stigma on some residents.

“It affects the community a lot and persons who live here are sometimes stigmatised,” Easy said.

Another resident, Basil Jackson, said that some mornings residents are left to clean their gateways of used condoms.

“They have sex everywhere and leave the condoms in people yard. Sometimes they even do it in open space,” Jackson said.

A constable at the Old Harbour Police Station stated that the police “try to assist as best as possible from time to time.”

Everald Warmington, Member of Parliament for South West St Catherine, reportedly told the media that the matter is not of interest to him.

“When I go to my bed I don’t know if prostitutes are on the road. That’s not the business for the Member Parliament,” Warmington told the Jamaica STAR.

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